The day she was served Capers.

wpid-what-are-capers.jpegShe set across the table from him, with capers on her plate, the many expectations she had, vanished deep inside his hollow and unloving eyes…the capers so salty and bitter, yet there were a few more to swallow – her expectations were somewhat irrational. They should have been delectable.  On the menu they showed so much promise. As she went through the menu before she orderd, she looked at him and asked, “What are capers?” Hoping that he has all the answers. But he stared back at her with as much bewilderment as she had, and just then she knew that he had no answers for her.  But optimistically she went ahead and said to the waiter, “Can I please have the Kingklip with capers.”
“Will that be with rice or chips?” The waiter asked.
Kingclip, capers and rice. She had thrown caution to the wind and decided to try something new…
Faced with bittery disappointment, she starvingly sucked in air and let off a deep sigh. In her mind battling with the reality that, the capers would never taste any different. Against her better judgement, she decided to force them all down. They were worse than before and they were now cold…her taste buds wanted to cry out in displeasure. Deep inside she knew, that she is making a dire mistake, she should just leave them on the plate, her pallet was not equipped to handle such foreign tastes….

True beauty is spirit deep.

For the longest time when I was growing up, I never paid much attention into my physical appearance, and going through school I would be puzzled as to why the hottest of guys would be so interested in me. I was more concerned about this ‘having a good heart’ my mom always spoke about. Even though I didn’t fully understand and grasp what she trully meant… That’s what I always aspired to, until that one faithful day I took a really good and long look at the mirror and I thought to myself “Wow, Nicki you really are gorgeous, just like people always say”… And it was at this point that vanity, pride, boastfulness and self-centredness slowly started to creap in, and from there onwards rejection and acceptance became an issue, and it was almost always all about “who is more prettier than me?” and “why isn’t that boy interest in me? I need to make him see how beautiful I am”.
The pursuit of trying to gain favour with the world, by adhering to its beauty standards, started being a heavy burden I had to bare and nothing else mattered it was vanity at its peak.

Looking back now, I realise that how I saw myself before or rather what I aspired to, in terms of having a good heart, was what God expected from me. To not look at and work on what the guys look at, but look at and work on the inner person.

It took me a long winding road to understand that, God cares more about a person being drop dead gorgeous on the inside than on the outside.

“…The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” – 1 Samuel 16:7

So from experience I urge you, to put double the effort in looking irresistible for God not for the world, and you can do that by praying and reading that bible like its going out of fashion. Try knowing more about God than you do about the latest trends, I promise you it will be worth your while. While there is nothing wrong with looking your best, just be sure to find a balance, don’t ever forget about that inner person who also wants to look their best for God and that should take precedence above everything else – check out the bible for beauty tips(~^,)>

True beauty is Spirit deep.

By Nicki Morero Ramotsho.